Monday, March 16, 2009



holy crap today was the best day ever.  knuckles deep received THREE gifts today.  one of which prompts the long awaited return of this dynamic blog.

yeah.  art director, aislinn b. palmer, got me (well, she got one, too) this super awesome giant squid wall decal.  i put it in my bathroom and it is hella tits.


so, anyway, today was pretty much the best day ever.  now to get ready for get loweded.

we love you and have missed you.  happy almost spring, you twats.

Monday, January 5, 2009



i'll keep this short.  art director, aislinn b. palmer, got me the BEST GIFT for christmas.  why yes, it is a long sleeved joose t-shirt.  and yes, it did come with a variety of joose stickers and temporary tattoos.  jealous?!  thought so.

(this is my excited face)

happy fucking new year from knuckles deep. happy birthday to knuckles deep co-spokesmom.  happy birthday to joh.  happy birthday to sam.  happy birthday to jeff lee.
the knuckes deep team.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



happy hoe-lidays from knuckles deep! we took a long break there and we apologize from the cockles of our hearts.

for this special and possibly most offensive entry yet, i asked art director, aislinn b. palmer, to take on the task of our holiday entry. behold............RAPE TALK!

If an alien race were to study humans by following Dana around for a day, they would think that the words "jew," "anal," "rape," "cunt," and "abortion" were anchors of the English language. This is why it should come as no surprise that yesterday, during our snow-day shopping spree, the conversation turned to an intensive discussion of which would be worse: getting raped or losing a finger. The question was posed in the cafĂ© inside of Macy’s, at a small table overlooking the perfume department, and may or may not have been overheard by a teenage girl eating with her mother.
I maintained that I’d rather be GHB-raped than lose any finger (I wouldn’t remember it, just feel dirty and violated), but I’d rather lose a pinky finger than be violently, consciously raped, because that would probably cause flashbacks and stuff. If it was a question of losing a more important finger, like an index finger, that is a harder choice.
Dana claimed that any type of rape was better than losing any finger, or toe, because her hands and feet are so pretty. And the loss of any finger might compromise her accordion skills.
The world is better off for this conversation having taken place. Happy Holidays.

Thursday, September 4, 2008



oh, apologies.  as previously stated, knuckles deep was really, super busy, then art director, aislinn b. palmer, went on vacation to maine which was totally aids, because work was ass.

we make our triumphant return with 'sexy kids'.  when knuckles deep was taking suggestions for a new band name, art director, aislinn b. palmer, suggested the epic 'sexy kids'.  while i adored this name and found it ridiculously hilarious and inappropriate, i knew it wasn't going to fly with the other members (we ended up going with 'the last great fire'  and we're playing friday, sept. 12 at conor byrne in ballard, do it!).

knuckles deep does not condone pedophilia, kiddie porn, luring children into creepy vans with promises of jesus juice and candy, statutory rape or uncles touching you funny.........though we certainly find all of these things pretty funny.  we do, however, condone the comedy central show 'reality bites back'.

Friday, August 22, 2008

apologies are in order.

knuckles deep has been very, very busy this last week. and when knuckles deep gets busy (not in the biblical sense), knuckles deep gets cuntly and feels as though she doesn't have time for frivolous activities like writing things on her hands.
however, craziness has subsided and come tuesday (i have monday off), things should be back to normal. well, till wednesday at least. then art director, aislinn b. palmer, goes on vacation for a week. totally aids!

anyway, sorry to all (especially knuckles deep spokesmom, kathy, who finds this the only way to know what her daughter is up to these days......sheesh!).

come tuesday, it's on.

also, knuckles deep encourages you to go to
music to come soon. take your darlings of the lofi (knuckles deep's previous spokesband) love and redirect it there, as they are the new knuckles deep spokesband. thanks.

have a fun and safe weekend, we'll see you tuesday.

here's a picture of my parents cat wearing fake antlers:

Friday, August 8, 2008



without going into too much detail, darlings of the lofi have had a change of lineup and are no longer.  we're in the process of trying to come up with a new band name and any and all suggestions are welcome.  

happy weekend from knuckles deep.  be safe.  see you monday.

Thursday, August 7, 2008



i'm going to the showbox tonight to see gavin rossdale of bush fame.  jealous?! no? that's cool.  i'm going because it's free.  and carrie and scott are fun.  i didn't even like bush back in the day.  being free is almost not even a good enough reason to go to this show.  but, making fun of the people that are there because they really want to be is.  
note the look of discomfort and non-excitement.  that wasn't a mistake.  and if you attempt to make fun of my rad sunglasses (with rad sunglass 'string') you're a turd.